Protecting Persons with Anti-Terrorist Bollards

Anti-Terror Bollards are the ideal solution to protect persons against hostile vehicles. Hostile Vehicles can not pass whilst bollards are no obstacle for pedestrians. Bollards are available in differen versions for differen requirements:

  • Bollards Electro-hydraulically power-operated
  • Single or multiple units in row with one common drive unit
  • Standard blocking height above surface level: 700mm, 800 mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm 1200mm
  • Shallow mounted telescopic bollards
  • Standard diameter: 220 mm, 275mm, 500 mm
  • Robust Anti-Terror Bollards construction with high impact resistance up to 2000kjoule (CWA 16221:2010)
  • Fixed Bollards available for all versions as well
  • Shallow mounted fixed bollards available