Products for hostile vehicle mitigation

Attacks with hostile vehicles on persons and objects happen more often. Our products that are designed to mitigate and to stop hostile vehicles in order to save lives and to protect objects and buildings:

  • Bollards
  • Roadblocker
  • Gates
  • Barriers
  • Tyre-Killer

Our employees have developed a lot of Anti-Ram products that meet the requirements of CWA 16221:2010 . Furthermore for all products third party structural calculations can be made available. Even extremely high impact loads can be achieved in special construction.

NOTE: You can buy all products directly from TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG or from a TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG autorized partner. Please make sure before you buy that your vendor is TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG autorised partner. In case of any doubts pls email to